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The following organisations have submitted reference lists:

Other useful links:

Scottish Science Library - www.nls.uk
The Scottish Executive: Home Page - www.scotland.gov.uk
Scottish Parliament Website - www.scottish.parliament.uk
Scottish Economic Statistics - www.scotland.gov.uk/stats
Forestry Commission - www.forestry.gov.uk
Forest Stewardship Council UK - www.fsc-uk.demon.co.uk
EDINFO - The University of Edinburgh's Information Service - www.ed.ac.uk

UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions - www.detr.gov.uk
English Nature - Home Page - www.english-nature.org.uk
ETSU - Renewable and Energy Efficiency Organisation - www.etsu.com
The Countryside Agency - www.countryside.gov.uk MAFF UK - www.maff.gov.uk
Research in information and library studies - Infoexch - The British Council - www.thebritishcouncil.org/infoexch/lisuk/research.htm
Field Studies Council - www.ukonline.co.uk/fsc.dalefort

Information on Wind Energy - www.cranfield.ac.uk/sme/ppa/wind
British Wind Energy Association - www.bwea.com

EnviroWeb - www.enviroweb.org

Friends of the Earth Scotland - www.foe-scotland.org.uk
Worldwide Fund for Nature UK - www.wwf-uk.org
Reforesting Scotland - www.reforestingscotland.org

If you would like to have your organisation's address listed on this page, send it in an email to enquiries@scotenvinfo.org.uk.

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