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We welcome any referenceor list of references you wish to have added to the EIS(S) database. In addition, we are willing to publish documents on this website and make documents available by post.

You may do this by:

  • Sending us a paper copy or
  • Emailing it in a PC (Office 2000/XP) compatible format (Word, Access, Excel or Works)
Postal address:

Environmental Information Service (Scotland)
64(3) The Causeway

EH15 3PZ

E-mail: papers@scotenvinfo.org.uk


See below for more details


Full Documents

If you would like us to publish your document on this website, email it to us. Also complete and send us the copyright disclaimer below. We may only be able to publish short documents on this website.

If you want to avoid photocopying documents for enquirers, we can do it for you. Send us one clean copy of the document and the (completed) copyright disclaimer below. Our address will then go in the "Suppliers Details" section of the database and enquirers will order copies directly from EIS(S). EIS(S) will make a charge to recover photocopying and postage costs.

We may also give a copy of your document to the Scottish Science Library to make it more widely available.


Copyright Disclaimer

Below is a preview of the copyright disclaimer.

To print this, click here to download a printable version in MSWord.

Please complete the copyright disclaimer and send (or email) it to us along with your full document.

I certify that I am the copyright holder for the document entitled
Full Title:  
Author's Name:  
Other details:  

I hereby waive my copyright in favour of Environmental Information Services (Scotland) (EIS(S)). EIS(S) may make copies of the above document and may provide them to any purchaser and that EIS(S) may charge the purchaser for this service. I also understand that EIS(S) may give a copy of the above document to a library.


If not the author, please state your relationship with the author which gives you copyright:


References or Lists of Documents

You can use any list or format which is convenient for you, or you can use our list of fields below as a framework to send in your reference data. You don't need to complete all the fields for each record.

On paper lists, please avoid lines or fancy designs, if possible, to make scanning easier.

List of Fields

  • Main Author
  • Other Authors
  • Year
  • Title
  • Found In (Main Doc Title)
  • Volume
  • Pages (start and end)
  • Organisation
  • Organisation's/author's location
  • Detailed description
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Main Subject
  • Specific subject
  • Secondary subject
  • Document type
  • Has there been a publication derived from this document
  • Supplier of this information
  • Location of accessible copy
  • Method of access
  • Document access details
  • Purchase price
  • Supplier's name
  • Supplier's address
  • Supplier's tel
  • Supplier's fax
  • Supplier's email
  • Other info for purchase
  • ISBN
  • Library code
  • Other cataloguing code
  • Copyright holder


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