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This website contains an open access database of environmental "grey" literature. That is, documents which have not been published. Its aim is to provide information on documents which would otherwise be inaccessible to all but a few people.

This site contains:

  • A detailed description of this project and the charity set up to run it
  • The database of unpublished documents
  • Useful links
  • Feedback page

We also hope to offer, soon:

  • Full text of some documents which are difficult to obtain
  • Subject reviews

We are happy to receive all contributions, including lists of documents, full documents and subject reviews. The usefulness of the site depends on your contributions.

EIS(S) is grateful for the support of:

Forward Scotland      
The Millennium Commission
The Millennium Awards
Lottery Grants for Local Groups
Celebrating the Scottish Millennium Festival
Heritage Lottery Fund        

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